VIMEX represents an extensive management consulting experience spanning business operations, process analysis and re-engineering, enterprise technology and software applications, in various industries, including high-tech, telecommunications, IT, computer and software engineering:

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The company business strengths, solid industry expertise and its management credentials are supported by professional certifications from leading industry institutions, such as Project Management Institute, IBM and others. We represent an extensive knowledge of high-tech business professional services, organizational change, contract and project management best practices, methodologies, processes, and tools:

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We developed a unique expertise in bringing a unified approach to managing small, medium, as well as large and complex contract engagements and multi-project programs. We follow latest contract and project management methodologies and utilize advanced project management processes and tools, to optimize the use of the company, client and third party resources. We work on increasing the teams performance and allocating their skills and talents to appropriate roles:

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The company accumulated an extensive expertise in providing advisory and preparing recommendations for more effective delivery of large and complex programs, advanced technology projects and contracts for the clients in public and private sectors, in Canada, as well as internationally, for example:

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