VIMEX's success in managing diversified portfolio of contracts and projects is based on high professional expertise and extensive management consulting and project management knowledge. We have many years of experience in running small, medium and large and complex technology contracts, projects and programs. This experience includes:
Bulletstrong knowledge of the industry products, services and new technology introduction processes;
Bulletsolid expertise in the theory and practices of organizational change;
Bulletextensive training in formal contract and project management;
Bulletexpert knowledge of bid, proposal, contract and project management best practices, processes, documentation and tools.

We develop and implement highly customized engagement processes, work flows, documentation sets, including proposals for each client. A sample of the typical VIMEX proposal document is linked here:

Bullet2 Corporate IT Infrastructure Migration Arrow_R VIMEX Proposal.

Extended industry experience of the VIMEX's subject matter experts is supported by their broad business expertise, including the following:
Bulletstrong organizational change, business process reengineering, conflict resolution and problem solving abilities;
Bulletability to work effectively directly with all levels of the client personnel, including senior executives;
Bulletexcellent communication, documentation and presentation skills and experience in executive level presentations;
Bulletstrong interpersonal and team work skills;
Bulletflexibility and adaptability to change;
Bulletability to manage relationships and optimize resource requirements across multiple projects;
Bulletabilty to apply best industry practices and business knowledge to decisions and solutions;
Bullettranslating technical requirements into solutions, utilizing trade-offs based on business realities;
Bulletseeing and assessing interdependences and cross organizational impacts and implications;
Bulletinfluencing change of the policies and procedures to support project methodology;
Bulletidentifying process gaps and initiating improvements;
Bulletengaging external parties, i.e. solution vendors, and gaining consensus on directions and issues at all levels.