Satellite telecommunications systems and networks are advanced technology solutions that deliver telephone, data and Internet services to the remote areas of the world, where traditional terrestrial communication systems are not available, or to the regions with established but limited network capabilities that need expansion.

One of our complex project engagements in this area, for an international client covered the design, procurement, integration, testing and implementation of a high-performance corporate VSAT satellite telecommunications solutions:

Bullet2 VSAT Network Deployment Arrow_R Corporate Satellite Telecommunications Network.

VIMEX developed optimal satellite network solutions and provided project management services to a number of corporate clients who needed to handle international traffic circuits originated on regional (domestic) satellite facilities and terminate the traffic at its hubs worldwide at highly competitive rates. Those solutions utilized advanced Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) technology that allows to provide a very low cost-per-minute circuits through affordable earth stations Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT).

Specialized DAMA systems have been in operation over twenty years, and today are serving customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The main areas where such systems and networks are especially effective are:
BulletDistance education
BulletRemote community telephone and data connectivity
BulletExpansion of networks that have reached their capacity
BulletBusiness-to-business, low to medium speed Intranet data connectivity
BulletInternet connectivity at high data rates
BulletRemote construction, oil, gas exploration and production site connectivity, etc.

Professional project management services provided by VIMEX in the delivery of specialized satellite telecommunications solutions proved to be highly effective and suitable for any domestic market, assuring profitable operations for our clients.