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We always look forward to receiving new inquiries, proposals and suggestions. We will follow up on those that are relevant to the VIMEX`s areas of expertise and appropriate for our current business interests.

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In our communications we follow basic, common-sense business rules and prefer e-mail as the form of an initial contact (see a note below). We would do our best to provide adequate and timely responses, but to relevant inquiries only.


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Local: +1 604 245 5945, Tall Free: +1 800 950 6090
VIMEX Technologies,
71 West 2nd Ave, Unit 502, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0J7, Canada

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We do not respond to advertising, sales, promotional and other spam-like e-mails. We also do not answer telephone calls or open and read unsolicited mail from the parties we have not been in touch with before. If we do not know you yet, just send us an e-mail first, using those specific links above, and we may get back to you, if appropriate.