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Our Company:

VIMEX Technologies is a Viable Information Management EXpertise company offering services in business process re-engineering and optimization, IT and telecommunications solutions and project management. We specialize in enterprise operations improvement, advanced IT infrastructure system integration, software application development, customization, deployment and support management. VIMEX partners globally, offers a broad range of consulting services and delivers superior business value to clients through leveraging seamless engagement delivery models and processes, combining technology and project management expertise.

Our Difference:

We developed a unique expertise in bringing a unified approach to managing small to medium contracts and projects, as well as large and complex multi-project engagement programs: Expertise.

VIMEX consultants provide expert business services to facilitate delivery of client projects and contracts on time and within budget. We do this relying on the broad project management knowledge and through implementation of client specific approach to optimize project initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing management: Services.

We utilize proprietary and highly customized engagement management processes to leverage teams of contract professionals at multiple locations, on-site consultants, subject matter experts and online contract and project delivery tools: Success Factors.

Viable Practices:

Company's management consulting and viable engagement management services rely on the best methodologies, frameworks, practices and guidelines, such as VIMEX's Project Management Handbook (PMH). VIMEX's viable engagement management practices help to enhance the effectiveness of our contracts and projects delivery: Links.

Business Strengths:

VIMEX Technologies gained solid industry credentials, overseeing delivery of complex multi-tiered programs, coordinating work of partners, sub-contractors, vendors and service providers, validating and auditing project management, solution and service delivery quality. This company successfully completed numerous client engagements, including large and complex multi-project portfolios for high profile, Fortune 500 clients in various industries and sectors, both domestically and internationally: Engagements.

Project Management Expertise:

Our comprehensive project management expertise is reflected in the proprietary PMH�, an extended guide to implementing the most effective and custom project management procedures for each engagement. It represents a systematic view of the major contract and project management activities and relevant subject areas. PMH covers all phases of the project life cycle and helps managers in the step-by-step implementation of all major contract or project management procedures. It serves as a practical repository of the key documentation templates. PMH also helps to ensure that there is very little learning curve for managers and their team members as they come on board or transition from project to project.

In Summary:

VIMEX Technologies delivers broad and extensive management consulting expertise and project management services that help their clients to improve efficiency of business operations, IT infrastructure, software applications, contract execution and project delivery. Most importantly, company's services are viable - feasible, practical and doable.