Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony technology and based on it VoIP Networks replacing conventional time division multiplex (TDM) technology is one of the key trends in telecommunications. To assure a new, client specific VoIP solution design, testing, integration, implementation and network management, a number of complex project activities must be performed.

VIMEX has a solid expertise in this expanding industry sector. Partnering with the solution vendors, we were able to deliver expert project management services to assure effective implementation of new VoIP data and voice solution platforms. One of the complex programs we delivered for our high-profile clients covered their IP backbone infrastructure expansion, network solution design, testing, integration and implementation. VIMEX has proven the ability to provide sophisticated but dependable VoIP network solutions and with exceptional results:

Bullet2 VoIP Network Design, Integration and Implementation Arrow_R VoIP Program Overview.

The objectives of this Program were to provide networking services that were secure, redundant, scaleable, and enhanced by professional management at the Local and Wide Area Networks levels.

An advanced and comprehensive end-to-end network solution was designed, based on the partnering solution vendor's platform. This solution provided a number of benefits to the client, including reduced network costs, simplified network architecture and administration, overall improved efficiencies throughout the network, and reclamation of resources to re-focus on core competencies. VIMEX and solution vendor teams worked closely to fulfill and exceed the client’s expectations, and deliver the VoIP solution on time and budget.